It’s Pinot Noir Day and while we will gladly pour a glass of Pinot just about any day of the year, we’ll take any excuse we can to celebrate this illustrious grape. Pinot Noir is prized by the French, carefully crafted by winemakers around the world and savored by wine lovers everywhere. It’s history and mystique could easily fill a book or two, yet we’ll get right to the point on why this wine should be in your rotation.

Why you should drink a glass of Pinot tonight, or any night.

  • It’s super food friendly and pairs with everything from fish dishes, to pork and other meat entrees and even vegetarian fare.

  • It’s a passport in a glass. France, Germany, Italy, California and Oregon are all top Pinot producing regions, so you can travel the world from the comfort of your home.

  • It’s a real crowd-pleaser. Pinot is easy-going, yet still flavorful, which makes it perfect for people who don’t regularly drink red wine and red aficionados alike.

  • It’s a year-round red. Pinot can handle a slight chill in the summer to keep things cool, but is still cozy enough to keep you warm in the winter.

  • It’s just super tasty. A little earthy, a little herbal, a little fruity, what more do you need to know? Cheers!

Four Pinot Noirs our staff think are a must-sip.

Discover Oregon’s up-and-coming Rogue Valley with Omen Pinot Noir

Omen sources their Pinot grapes from The Rogue Valley. Here the long, warm days accompanied by very cool nights and low precipitation leads to wines with great depth of flavor and complexity, like this wine with flavors of red fruit and vanilla.

A note from Nils Teissier du Cros, Wine Lead

I was glad to learn that Oregon was a region that can make really affordable, great quality Pinot, with enough fruit and mouthfeel to make me happy. Omen Pinot Noir is a fruit forward and pleasurable Pinot.

Discover California’s up-and-coming Mendocino County with Jim Ball Pinot Noir

Jim Ball Vineyards prides themselves in crafting flavorful Pinot Noir from distinct vineyards. This Kuvée exclusive wine is aromatic, combining layers of fruit and savory flavors to engage each and every taste bud.

A note from Michael Meagher, Master Sommelier

Jim Ball Pinot Noir is a versatile wine that has a ton of tart, red fruit framed with really unique herbal tones. Usually Pinot Noir is pretty food friendly, but the Jim Ball Pinot Noir is one of the best wines for food pairing that I've come across in the last few months.

Savor a taste of Sonoma County with BR Cohn Pinot Noir

B.R. Cohn crafts this wine from vineyards in the cool northern coastal region of California, an ideal growing region for Pinot Noir. This medium-bodied and fruit forward Pinot Noir spends months aging in French oak for a soft and lush texture.

A note from Michael Meagher, Master Sommelier:

BR Cohn Pinot Noir is all about being drinkable without having to overthink what is in the glass. Sometimes we forget that the whole purpose of wine is to be enjoyed, and this smooth, silky wine allows you to do exactly that.

Savor the world-renowned Carneros region with Schug Pinot Noir

The cool, windy climate of the Carneros region allows for the Pinot Noir grapes to mature slowly and retain their natural acidity. This creates a wine with bright flavors of cherry and berry, contrasted by savory herbs. 

A note from Lauren Cary, Senior Brand Manager

Before trying Schug Pinot, I didn't have any opinion on which red wine I liked. I always just ordered "a glass of red". When I tasted Schug it was so unique and I found myself only ordering Pinots after.