One of the most common questions that our wine team encounters is how to pair wine and cheese. It's knowledge worth seeking, as whether you are hosting a dinner party or unwinding for the night, the right wine and cheese pairing can be truly iconic. Try pairing a few wines with your favorite cheese to deliciously discover your new favorite wine, and become a pro at tasting in the process.

We tapped our Master Sommelier, Michael, for an easy wine and cheese guide, pairing some of the most popular cheeses with accessible wines from our portfolio (no complicated, hard-to-find pairings here). 


Choose a wine bold enough to match the bold and sharp flavors in your favorite cheddar.

Double Canyon Cabernet Sauvignon: a powerful Cab, but not too jammy, with great structure and texture to cut the richness of the cheddar 
Hedges Family Estate Red Mountain Syrah: the savory, herbal and peppery flavors make the perfect foil for cheddar's natural sharpness

Goat Cheese:

Choose equally light and fresh wines to highlight the light and grassy flavors in light, but tangy goat cheese. 

Tiki Sound Sauvignon Blanc: fresh citrus and herbal flavors compliment the slightly sour flavors without overpowering the cheese
Bonny Doon Vineyard Pinot Meunier: a red wine light enough to compliment without overwhelming, as fresh red fruit flavors highlight the delicate grassy notes of the cheese 


Compliment the creamy texture of Brie with a rich, but not overly oaky white, or contrast the creaminess with a crisp rosé.

Barra of Mendocino Chardonnay: this silky Chardonnay is balanced, with a just a hint of oaky richness, to allow the creamy texture of cheese and mild flavors to shine
Rainstorm Silver Linings Rosé of Pinot Noir: soft, delicate fruit and slightly floral notes with enough acidity to work with creamy richness

Aged Gouda

Complex, nutty flavors in aged cheeses like Gouda call for complex, full-bodied red wines. 
Jet Set Merlot: not too ripe, not too lean, the notice-me fruit flavors in this Merlot are simply splendid with the nuttier flavors in aged cheeses
Francis Ford Coppola Diamond Red Blend: a symphony of sweet fruit and spicy elements calls attention to the complexity of the cheese


The salty and strong flavors of Parmesan enhance medium-bodied wines with intensity. 

Schug Sonoma Valley Merlot: the earthier flavors and cocoa notes in this medium-bodied Merlot are highlighted by the salty piquancy of the cheese
Hendry Zinfandel: intense layers of fruit flavors ranging from tart, to ripe to dried fruit serve as perfect compliments to the crumbly intensity of Parmesan