NEW! Kuvée Wine Bottle Labels 

Kuvee wine bottles now have amped up labels to include the color of the wine, tasting notes and pairing suggestions. While the Kuvee dispenser still has all that information and more, the new labels can help you decide even quicker which wine (or wines) to open.

Keep a lookout for these new labels in your upcoming shipments. 

Screenshot 2017-07-25 08.35.38.png

Updating your Software to receive the latest features 

Our mission is to free wine lovers to enjoy everything wine has to offer. Here at Kuvée we do that by giving people the confidence to explore the world of wine through guided exploration. As a part of our promise we are delivering a revamped Kuvée dispenser user experience.

Extended Battery Life: 48hours of non-stop pouring, rating & favoriting                       Ratings & Favorites: Now "heart" your favorite wines and gain visibility to your last rating. Tasting Notes: Simplified tasting notes for each wine, including 4 everyday words     Pairing Ideas: Everyday meal recommendations including easy to recognize icons       Cellar Wines: Always see your ratings and favorites for the wines you have open  

cellar with favorites.pngtasting notes and favorites.pngpairing screen.png

Your Kuvée dispenser will present the below screen indicating you have a received the new software update. Press "REBOOT", when your Kuvée dispenser powers back on you will have access to the updated features. 

Reboot for software-1.png

If you are not prompted with a screen to download the software, simply force the download by connecting to WiFi and press the eject button for 5 seconds. When a dialog box pops up asking for a confirmation, select POWER OFF NOW.


A few seconds after the screen has gone dark, place your Kuvée dispenser on the dock, which will power it back on and start downloading the software update. This will take 15-30 minutes depending on the connection speed followed by a popup dialog box letting prompting a reboot into the new software, or to delay by one hour. Press "REBOOT", when your Kuvée dispenser powers back on you will have access to the updated features. 

Reboot for software.png


Ordering from your Kuvée Dispenser 

The quickest easiest way to order more wine is from your dispenser's touchscreen. Check out these 4 simple steps to order.  

Screen Shot 2017-02-22 at 12.42.23 PM.png

Download  Quick Start Guide