The right wine and food pairing is magic for your taste buds. The wrong pairing, more like punishment. It's time to elevate your mealtime experience. Instead of reaching for whatever's open, have a glass (or two) of your perfect pairing.  

See how Kuvée transforms mealtime, and our dinner wine pairing guide below. 


Dinner Pairing Guide:

Pasta dinner: Whether you choose to top your pasta with bolognese, meatball marinara or spicy arrabbiata, reach for red. Cabernet and Syrah will compliment flavorful sauces, without being over powered. 

Fish dinner: When pairing with fish, look for a lighter wine with a similar flavor profile. Chardonnay's citrus notes, and Pinot Noir's earthy notes with play nice with a variety of fish preparations and seasonings.

Taco Tuesday: Bold seasonings, lively salsas and smoky meat call for a wine that can pack a punch. Syrah is great to pair alongside more smoky flavors, while steak tacos simply call out for Cabernet.  

Grilled chicken salad: Reach for another glass of Syrah here. The peppery and smoky notes in the chicken will be enhanced by this food-loving wine. 

Sushi night: The delicate flavors of sushi require a more subtle wine. Rosé will pair nicely with light flavors ranging from floral to fresh fruit. Chardonnay is also a great option, especially for fattier cuts of fish, like tuna.

Pizza dinner: From the classic cheese, to pepperoni or meatlover's pizza, the bold flavors of Cab is where it's at for your pizza pairing needs.  

Chinese takeout: There's a big range of flavors here to consider, and we say when in doubt, reach for food-friendly rosé. Or, for savory meat dishes, reach for Pinot Noir.