Aromatic, light white wines like Riesling, are some of the most unique white wines around. And, if you ask our Wine Guy, Nils, Pacific Rim is the Riesling producer to know, offering high quality sips at a serious value. True specialists, their wines range from crisp and dry to pleasantly sweet.


The first pour:

First released by Randall Grahm of Bonny Doon Vineyard in 1992, Pacific Rim Dry Riesling quickly gained a loyal following among Riesling lovers, for its fresh and bright characteristics. As Pacific Rim Dry Riesling continued to gain momentum, the excitement around the wine inspired a radical idea... the creation of a winery exclusively dedicated to producing Riesling.

In August of 2006, a small band of Bonny Doon ex-pats left California for the Pacific Northwest to create this winery. To this day, nearly 90% of Pacific Rim’s production is comprised of Riesling wines, with other aromatic varietals like Gewurztraminer rounding out their unique portfolio.


The Winemaker:

There is perhaps no better person suited to showcase the uniqueness of Riesling than Pacific Rim winemaker, Nicolas Quille. With an education spanning winemaking (Masters in Winemaking and Masters in Sparkling Wine from University of Dijon, Burgundy) and business (MBA from the University of Washington), Nicolas was uniquely qualified to bring the Pacific Rim vision to life. He led the Pacific Rim spinoff from Bonny Doon Vineyard and has remained a leader of the winery and a hardcore Riesling zealot. In addition to his work with Pacific Rim, he is also the Vice President of the International Riesling Foundation and a board member of the Washington winery sustainability group: Winewise.


The Columbia Valley:

Pacific Rim set their sights on the vines of the Columbia Valley as the perfect home for Riesling vines. The high-quality soils and arid climate with cool evenings year-round provided the perfect growing conditions. Riesling grapes are incredibly sensitive to where they are grown, but thrive in the right conditions. In the case of Washington’s Columbia Valley, Pacific Rim’s vines enjoy the mineral-rich soils and are able to withstand cold winters and spring frosts.