Pacific Rim’s wines range the spectrum from refreshingly dry to pleasantly sweet. While most of their efforts are focused on different expressions of Riesling, they lend their expertise to other unique and aromatic white wines.

What’s more, all of their wines are produced with care for the environment in mind. This means that excessive watering and herbicides are banned at Pacific Rim. The entire winery, from vineyard to cellar is built to optimize the use of electricity and water.

Let’s give these sustainable sips a swirl.

Pacific Rim “J” Riesling

The resurgence of Riesling is due to wine drinkers looking for an alternative to heavy, oaky white wines. With this in mind, Pacific Rim created a wide variety of Rieslings, including this "just right" variety. This Riesling provides light fruit flavors, ideal for a summer cookout.

Tastes like: Peach, Lemon, Apricot, Green apple  

Pair with: Pulled Pork, Fish & Chips, Pan-Roasted Ribeye, Arugula Salad


Pacific Rim Sweet Riesling

Considered one of the very best food-pairing wines, Riesling is extremely dynamic. Its sweetness and acidity leads to a wine that is easily palatable. Pacific Rim's sweetest variety is no different, with a high sugar content for an extremely sweet wine, perfect for your spiciest dishes or desserts.

Tastes like: dried apricot, candied lemon, jasmine, ginger

Pair with: pad thai, crème brûlée, lemon tart, szechuan chicken


Pacific Rim Dry Riesling

This is the wine that started it all for Pacific Rim 25 years ago. True to its name, this variety is dry, the least-sweet of their Rieslings, with crisp acidity. With no presence of oak for fermentation, this wine is purely unmanipulated and pairs well with a variety of foods from your summer cookout menu.

Tastes like: lime, peach, honeycomb, green apple

Pair with: grilled sausage with peppers and onions, smoked pork chops, bacon-wrapped cod, Cobb salad


Pacific Rim Solstice Riesling

The Solstice Riesling is carefully-crafted and produced in order to create an elegant, full-bodied Riesling. This single vineyard wine is known as one of the best Rieslings in Washington State.  It is on the drier side, but has vibrant fruit and floral tones throughout.

Tastes like: apricot, pineapple, tart citrus, green apple

Pair with: grilled pork loin, Thai chicken salad, Hawaiian pizza, seared salmon


Pacific Rim Gewürztraminer

Pacific Rim puts the juice and the grape skins in contact for 12 hours to extract and unleash exquisite Gewürztraminer aromas. Fermented to an ideal sweetness level and aged without oak, this wine is perfectly fruity without being too sweet. It has a hint of tropical flavors, but is still dry enough to engage almost any wine drinker.

Tastes like: Rose petal, pineapple, lychee, ginger

Pair with: Muenster cheese, bacon-wrapped sea bass, country-style pâté, caramelized onion flatbread