Looking for some sure-to-impress bites for your Valentine’s Day date that won’t require you to spend the whole day prepping in the kitchen? We’ve created a menu, complete with our favorite cheeses (because, who doesn’t want to start a night of love with a cheese they love?) and asked our Master Sommelier, Michael Meagher, to provide the perfect wines to pair.

Elegant starters:

Oysters + Unparalleled Sauvignon Blanc 

oysters.jpgmb white.jpg

This pairing is all about Sauvignon Blanc's freshness matching the briny, creamy texture of oysters. The Unparalleled Sauvignon Blanc has citrus notes that will elevate the pairing into something extraordinary.

Bacon-Wrapped Scallops + Rainstorm Pinot Gris

shellfish.jpglb white.jpg

Sweet & salty pairs well with a wine that is a bit understated, with a soft, round texture. Rainstorm Pinot Gris is excellent here as subtle peach, apricot and walnut notes intermingle between the the scallop and the savory awesomeness of the bacon. Because, who doesn’t love bacon?  

Steak Crostini + Hedges Red Mountain Blend 

red meat.jpgfb red.jpg

With a lean cut of beef and slice of baguette for the crostini, you don’t need a massive wine to pair. The Hedges Red Mountain Blend is a hidden gem, with peppery, blackberry and dried cherry notes.  


The cheeseboard:

Aged Gouda + Clos Pegase Merlot

cheese.jpgfb red.jpg

Aged gouda is one of the best cheeses out there to pair with wine. A soft Merlot from Clos Pegase will caress your palate with blackberry, mocha, vanilla and plum, as the perfect foil for this gouda or any aged hard cheese of your choice.  

Muenster + Jim Ball Pinot Noir 

cheese.jpgmb red.jpg

For this Valentine’s Day app, we’re not talking about the kind of Muenster you find behind the deli counter. Finding true, slightly aged, slightly stinky, perfectly ripened Muenster is a treat for true lovers (of cheese.)  Add some honey or sliced green figs, and a glass of Jim Ball Pinot Noir from Mendocino and kick your feet up to enjoy a truly luxurious pairing.

Brie, Berries + Schug Chardonnay

cheese.jpgfb white.jpg

Classic brie is so creamy and indulgent, the hints of mushroom and sweet butter can be easily overlooked. But don’t overlook an elegant Chardonnay from Schug, to dance across your tongue. Add fresh berries to take the romance, and flavor, up a notch.  


Something sweet:

Lemon-raspberry Cheesecake Bites, White Chocolate Truffles + Pacific Rim Riesling 

dessert.jpglb white.jpg

You can’t forgo dessert when you’re going all out for your loved one!  Delicate, not too sweet bites are a lovely way to end a romantic meal, and a versatile wine like the Pacific Rim Riesling helps to invigorate your palate, sips wonderfully with sweets and with a taste of peach, lemon-lime and candied apricot!